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First in India (Women)
First in India (Men)
Longest and Largest
Latest Who’s Who
Nobel Prize Winner
Indian Nobel Winner
Indian National Highways
Important Days
National Laboratories and Research Institutions
Popular Names of Personalities
Famous Quotes
Scientific Inventions
Abbreviations And Acronyms
Famous Books and Writers
Famous Dancer Instrumentalists and Vocalists in India
Tribal and Folk Dances in India
Classical Dances in India
Atomic Test in the World
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Different Branches of Science
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Indian States and UT

Indian Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution
Directive Principles of State Policy
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Fundamental Duties
Fundamental Rights
History of Indian National Flag
Introduction to Indian Constitution
Parliament of India
Preamble of The Constitution
President of India
Prime Minister of India
Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act



World’s Organizations

Current Affairs


Awards and Honours (List of Awards & Honours in India & World)

Bharat Ratna Award
Bharatiya Gyanpith Awards (Jnanpith Award)
Booker Prize
Dada Saheb Phalke Award
Filmfare Awards
International Gandhi Peace Prize
International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award
Moortidevi Award
National Film Awards
Navlekhan Award
Padma Awards
Ramon Magsaysay Award
Sahitya Akademi Award

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Nation at a Glance

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Indian History & Culture
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Study of Science
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Wonders of the World
Space and Planets
Life Science
India – Misc. Installations,Centres


Longest, Shortest, Deepest
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Airlines of the World
Space Research in India
World Countries – Capitas – ISD Codes
Special Features of the Countries
Games & Sports
Social Sciences
Flags Of The World
Our Universe
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